What is Digital Collaborative Textbook

Digital Collaborative Textbook (DCT) is a new initiative of Department of General Education, Government of Kerala. DCT is the facility for providing digital textbook with appropriate explanations of contents. Explanations are through video/animation/pictures/description/ posters/etc..etc.. The facility is made available in the website: The project has been implemented by IT @ School based on the concept conceived by Sri.K P NOUFAL.

DCT may be the first time in India that a State is introducing digital collaborative textbooks in schools. Ordinary text books are scanned and uploaded without any change from the original format of textbook. All the look and feel is same as that of an ordinary textbook.

Who implement DCT

IT @ School Project, a mission mode project under Department of General Education, Government of Kerala is the agency to implement Digital Collaborative Textbook.

Aim of the initiative

to provide digital textbook to all

to provide appropriate contents to students

to provide apt explanation to each hard-spot

to provide direct experience to students through eminent personality

those who have expertise in relevant field.

How DCT developed

Subject experts have identified the area which requires more clarity for the effective understanding of each topics. Such area are marked as Hard- spots. Appropriate strategy for the explanation of each hard spot are decided by a team of experts and based on the strategy content for the hard-spot is developed.

What is the specialty of DCT

Any one in the world who are competent to explain a specific content can donate is the main specialty of this venture. Due to this facility, students can receive the actual thought/meaning of a specific content explained by the author in the textbook. Now students receive only the version of a particular teacher who teach the subject. This may be based on the knowledge and experience of that particular teacher. For eg. Chandrayan - when an INDIAN heard about the word Chandrayan, Dr.G Madhavan Nair, Former Chairman, ISRO is the first figure we remember. Explanations about Chandrayan by Dr.G Madhavan Nair is in DCT; explanations about Faming by actual Farmers, Seed and seedlings by Scientist, descriptions about human body and body parts by eminent Doctors are unique in DCT.

Now a days e-content are available in any website, but majority of such materials are not appropriate for specific content area and are not properly authorized one. In the case of DCT the contents are verified by specialized teachers in each subject.

How contents are provided to DCT

Any one in the world can donate contents, but all these contents are not incorporated in the DCT. All contents received are stored in the primary server of IT @ School Project and such contents are scrutinized by an expert team of State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT). After getting proper approval from expert team, the contents provided to students and public through DCT.

How DCT can use

The digital textbooks made available in computer and mobile phones. Right content at any time and any where the world in the right format is the specialty of DCT. Any one in the world can use this facility through DCT have PUBLIC VIEW, ACADEMIC VIEW & STUDENTS VIEW.

Public can either register and enter or can login as a Guest. Contents to DCT is possible only for registered persons and the registration is free. Normally class wise, chapter wise contents are incorporated and hence the person who seek specific explanation of contents have to select the class, subject and chapter.

How contents added to DCT

Registered persons can freely login with their user name and password and select class, subject and chapter. Each chapter have high-lated area which are the hard-spot. Person can donate appropriate contents to each hard-spot by clicking on the hard-spot. When click on hard-spot a new mini window with existing explanation will appear and in the bottom part of the window has provision for uploading contents. After proper checking appropriate contents will uploaded to the original site of DCT.

Students become Teachers



Now a days students are enthusiastic and the technical

  knowledge/capability of

students are higher than an ordinary people.

DCT have provided facility for donating contents by any one any where at any time. Hence students can able to donate contents and if it is beneficial to others it will incorporate in DCT and such students become the teachers of other students and public.

Teaching Strategy to be;

Presently, textbooks are developed by a team of experts and are transacted by concerned teachers. Some time, the author thinks in a way and some teachers describe in another. In the case of subjects, students are very interested in the classes handled by the teachers who have well experienced and expertise with subject knowledge. DCT provided the facility of availing such classes to all student community by incorporating eminent classes in DCT. Moreover, some of the students from the remote area are unaware of majority of contents available in the textbooks. Such students have never get chance during the period of school life time for knowing about eminent Scientist, famous Educationalists, other prominent personalities. It is very difficult to generate/develop direct experience of SEA, FOREST, DESERT, etc to students. Video/animation with proper narration and sound/background effect will create some experience about such contents. DCT have this.

Additional Benefits of DCT

Since the area which needs more explanation are marked as hard-spots and apt illustration/ explanation are provided in DCT, both teachers and students can easily use it. This will reduce the teaching learning time. Complicated and abstract contents are to be teach and learn easily by using this facility and which is time saving.

*DCT is very helpful for students who are not able to attend regular class in schools due their inability or physical problems. Some of the Children With Special Needs (CWSN) are officially permitted to learn at home and DCT is an opportunity for such students also.

*DCT can effectively utilized for normal class room transaction with a Multimedia projector and which will grand equal opportunity to understand all students of a class irrespective of seating position in a class.

*DCT helps the shortage of physical textbooks.

*Once the contents are added to DCT, it is for ever and which will

available for the coming generation also.